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And Previously She Sang


Here are the lyrics to “There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House”:

It seems these days I’m full of praise
And joy (smiles) and just in general glee
We finally have a President who truly loves our count-ery
A tingle’s running up my leg
I giggle uncontrollably
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House.

Why aren’t folks in Hollywood
Banging on their tambourines
He used to be a Democrat
His wife was nude in magazines

His TV show kept them employed
He doesn’t stir up racial strife
He has had three but seems to be
Devoted to his younger wife

He loves cops and veterans
He loves our brave military
He loves legal immigrants
The key word here is- “legally”
Maybe now we can all be rich
Not just the elite
Maybe now our health insurance
Payments we can meet
Maybe now the middle class
Can rest and breathe again
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House!

He has a catchy slogan
Make America Great Again
He’s a character like Hulk Hogan
Yet a modern family man

On the LGBTQ
He’s got a pretty liberal view
He can take it on the chin
And his hairstyle makes them grin
So you’d think the Progressives would be
In love with Mr. (Donald) T
The Capitalist Living in the White House

Now Meryl Streep…Donald Trump did not make fun of a disabled man. (You are mis-informed.)

He was simply commenting on a lie that the Washington Post told about the 9/11 New Jersey people who were celebrating and that guy Serge Kovaleski, well, Trump was just treating him like he would treat any reporter who was lying!

And, you know, you should google “Islamic Threat” because – Holyland Foundation Trial, google that, there’s a manifesto by The Muslim Brotherhood on how to take over America in 20 years with “civilization jihad.”

Look it up, and, while you’re googling, look up the book “After the Ball” – it’s these two guys who purposefully manipulated America into the rainbow thing.

And, Meryl, when you inferred that Trump did not like people from foreign countries; he’s married two women from foreign countries, they still even have their accents!

And, “social justice,” that’s just a nice way of saying “Marxism.” Just sayin’.

We’ve had enough of Marxism
And equal poverty for all
Enough Ebony and Ivory
I’m going to the
“All Lives Matter” Ball.

Meryl Streep just had a cow
But I’m singing like Mighty Mouse
(“Here he comes to save the day”)
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House

Communism never works
Everybody knows that
Cuba, China, Korea
No one there is fat (except the dictators)
No one has a TV Show
Let alone a car
Only the rich can feed the poor
And create a TV star

He’s gonna Make America Great
He brought back jobs from over the sea
Coal Miners — celebrate!
We’re making our own energy
Our gas and oil will be released
Our taxes dropped, paychecks increased
The wall goes up
We’ll all be safe
Political Correctness
He’ll get his tweets under control
It’s Camelot again.
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House!
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House
Peace Through Strength!
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House
The American Dream!
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House!