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Quarantine Islam

Muslims should not be allowed to exit Muslim countries. They should not be allowed to enter any non Muslim country. All trade with Muslim countries should end. This should help them learn how to produce something besides babies, bombs, war, murders and rapes. This would require them to fight and murder each other instead of non Muslims. Islam is like a disease and should be treated like a disease.
The Christian, good
Samaritan , politically correct experiment to treat Muslims like civilized people has proven to be a complete failure. As long as these heathens choose to stick by the Queer-an laws set up by a murdering, rapist pedophile 1400 years ago there is no hope for them. As long as they stick to their ****ed up religion there is no hope for them and they should not be allowed to live among civilized people.  

Islam is like a disease and should be treated as such. obama has intentionally "infected" the United States with Islam which will cause serious problems for ever into the future of the country. As their numbers increase and they vote they will use our own Constitution and freedoms to destroy our Constitution.  

Any change in Islam will have to originate within Islam and as long as the West (non-Muslim countries bend over backward to accept Islam as it is there will be no change in Islam, instead they change the countries they immigrate to.  

The non Muslim countries will not realize this until it is too late.