By James Hovda From Ignored Political Reality


One doesn't have to look too far to see that President Donald Trump is not your typical ”President. And, why should he be? America has been dealing with political stooges and puppets for 28 years, ever since Ronald Reagan, who was the last lone-riding cowboy to try to take on the “establishment”.

The so called “establishment” consists of a powerhouse of combined industries and systems that promotes a basic, single agenda detrimental to America’s betterment. They, in unisome, have worked together to do exactly what Barack Obama proclaimed he would do eight years ago, to “fundamentally transform America”.

When the pieces have all been placed, and the game-board set up, it doesn’t take long to take the remaining players out to go around the board to proclaim victory. GH Bush, his son GW, and Bill Clinton, set the table for Barack Obama to serve the meal. Jeb Bush, or Hillary Clinton, was to be the one who served America its dessert, but another lone-rider came along to shake the “Masters” placed at the table to their core by causing the dessert cart to be overturned.

The ‘Masters” believed that as of today it would now be in their tyrannical hands to finish off the “great experiment” to finally put the USA in its place to be just another chain island in the sea of globalism. But what they didn’t count on was another leader, like Reagan, to come from the ashes of disparity to once again lead the surge to defeat their plans in America’s demise and convergence into the one-world order. And, the people followed this leader to tell the “Masters” to take a hike… they are no longer in charge. As President Donald J Trump told the world on January 20, 2016 in his inauguration address, “… we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people. What truly matters is not (who) controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people. [Their] American carnage stops right here and stops right now. Together, we will make America strong again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And yes, together we will make America great again.”

That address was the beginning of what will be known in history as the call to “The Trump War”.

President John F Kennedy sold out the “Masters” at the end of his first term to try to restore America back to the people by giving a speech about “Secret Societies” while having plans on the table to destroy the Federal Reserve while putting America back on the gold standard. His efforts were cut short a few days later.

President Ronald Reagan also tried to give America back to the people, but was forced to compromise to the “Masters” in exchange for a short time of prosperity, and the emergence of the Bush era.

(You really need to read up to learn exactly what is meant by the “Bush era”, and how the defeat of Jeb Bush in the primaries derailed the “Masters” plans in the NWO… fascinating information.)

President Donald Trump is totally different from what the “normal” leader of the free world should be. He is a self made billionaire, not owned nor controlled by any entity except his family and God. He cannot be bought nor threatened in any way. He is not only wealthy and intelligent, but he understands who his foes are, and how they play their game.

President Trump knows that to defeat the “Masters” that he will have to first expose them for who they are, destroy them in the eyes of the American people, then make America great again by putting the nation on a strict diet of achievement from a positive drive of national unity. For President Trump, that may be the one obstacle that may slow his de-transformation agenda down, if the past few days are any indicator.

Not only has President Trump declared war upon the controlling powers, but they, in turn, have declared war on President Trump.

It is not hard to see the the Left, the establishment cabal of DC, the syndication of media, and the greater powers of global management, are not too pleased with the election results. One can say they might even be shocked, as Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory, and the other victories in Congress and state legislature, showed those who thought it was all in their hand, was actually caught with their hand down their pants as their pants fell quickly to their knees, exposing them for who and what they actually are.

To many, it looked as if Hillary had a clean sweep going into the Nov 8 election. Her numbers were much higher in most states, and just squeaking above Trump in some key swing-states. Even the exit polls were showing Hillary was dominating the results. The media was slobbering all over themselves in rejoice that America was about to elect its first female President who, even better, was a Marxist-Lefty as themselves who would finish the remaining tasks of America’s transformation that Obama hadn’t completed. Even certain Republicans were congratulating themselves in helping the establishment dodge another bullet. Heck, they have helped in keeping conservatives out this long… Trump was easy to get the general public to look at him as some dictatorial, woman hater who hated blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims, as this election was going to be the last straw to finally break the back of the conservative movement.

On November 8, 2016, America stood up to say “Enough”. The people came out of the shadows by the millions to drop every anti-Trump supporter’s jaw to the floor, as state by state went to Donald J Trump. The battle line had been drawn, and the conservative movement stepped over it by electing Trump, Republican representatives, and governors from Maine to California in a show of unity that the people are now going to take their country back.

At 02:30 on November 9, 2016, Donald Trump and conservative America officially announced war on the Left when Pennsylvania was declared to be won by Trump to push him over the 270 mark needed to secure the electoral victory. And at that precise moment, America officially divided into two.

No President-elect has ever gone to take the Oath of President without some backlash from the opposition. But in this election, the hate and vitriol has been historic, as the Left have become demonic in their aggression towards Trump’s victory.

The Left had to find a reason why America elected Trump, as they blamed everything from the weather to Russian hacking. Regardless their excuse, the actual blame of Hillary being a horrible candidate, the Democrat’s caught cheating, Obama’s failed policies, and the horrible shape the nation was currently in due to the Left-wing agenda, had nothing to do with it by their own reasoning. In the eyes of those on the Left, Hillary had the election stolen from her because Donald Trump is the most evil man to walk the face of the earth and doesn’t have a right to represent them nor THEIR country. Donald Trump will never be THEIR President!

The Left has had it their way for far too long. They became too comfortable with their elected officials dissecting the country into pieces that turned America unrecognizable and into a shambles, as their propaganda mouthpieces in the media, unions, entertainment, and college campus’ contained the conservative counter attacks, and turned the conservative movement into more of a joke than anything else. The Left had control of all the systems in place, and they planned to come in for the kill to silence the Right for good with Hillary sitting on the national throne. But God must not have been on the Left’s side that day, and on November 9, 2016, America spoke… that for the Left, the game is over.

America was already divided under Bush, and especially under Obama… it is now polarized north and south, as different groups from the Left have joined together in mass to let America know that they plan to make President Trump’s and the conservative Right’s life a living hell for the next four years.

But what those on the Left have not realized is that they have lost a lot of their momentum, and a whole lot of strength. They don’t have Congress, about to lose the Supreme Court, and they don’t have the White House any longer, as President Trump is about to stack the deck, mark the cards, and put in the dealers to ensure that the Leftist ideology sees no more increase in their disruptive demise through game manipulation. Americans have now rolled up their sleeves and are willing to take on the PC crowd and establishment henchmen who have had control of the say in America for over a decade.

It may take some time, as the Democrats are tying up confirmations of appointees. The message may be slow to get out, as the media refuses to surrender their blatant lies of deception within the papers and on the airwaves. And while Hollywood and Soros sponsored organization try to steer the nation back into their court yard with their display of violent rioting, spiteful rhetoric of hate speeches, and pitiful protest marches that resemble a parade of clowns at the local circus, President Trump has rolled up his sleeves and gone to work in solving our problems, resolving detrimental issues, while putting the nation back into some semblance of the great Republic it once was.

Great leaders don’t win wars through small battles, they win them by overwhelming the opposition in a blitzkrieg of assaults on key structures of the opposition’s strength. This is why President Trump had his Press Secretary call a press conference where he gave the media the riot-act that this administration is not going to tollerate the lies and fake news stories of the past any longer, as the President can fight this battle with lethal consequences. President Trump also has a pen and a phone.

President Trump is not going to waste any time in trying to figure our strategic moves, as his team has already sat down to plan their next moves for the 100 days that are coming. Although the White House will remain reluctant to disclose their strategies, we can figure that education, intelligence, the border, health care, terrorism, and foreign relationships will be on the firing line for a quick bombardment from the Trump artillery.

One of the main arguments of the Left is that they are scared of what President Trump is going to do. Women are afraid he will take away their right and ability to abort. Millennial’s are afraid they will have to move out of their parent’s basement and pay off their student loans by getting a job. Welfare recipients are afraid their freebies are about to stop. Muslims are afraid they will have to register. And illegals are afraid they will get deported. Maybe not as they completely fear, but President Trump is going to shake it up enough to make it fair on everyone, not just those who think they are special who think they can get away with screwing over others.

Yes, there will be many who will have their world tuned inside out… some will have it turned upside down. But the goal here is to make it fair for everyone, and not to place a direct burden on anyone involved, unless they deserve it:

1) America can no longer fight wars with rule books, or outdated and inferior weaponry. Peace can only be gained through superior strength.

2) America can no longer give away money to nations who either don’t give back, or do not respect the USA.

3) America can no longer afford to carry those who are lazy, or refuse to work by milking the system to their own advantage.

4) America can no longer let inner cities crumble with gang-driven anarchy and drug riddled streets. No business wants to open in an area where they are not safe, where taxes are too high, and people refuse to work.

5) America can no longer afford to redistribute its wealth to other nations, nor to other classes who can pay their own way.

6) America can no longer let government fill the voids where private industry has been removed due to extreme taxation and regulation.

7) America can no longer let unions dictate policy, rob their personnel, and be a voice for anti-American activity.

8) America can no longer let teachers remain when they violate their code of ethics, show poor abilities, or instruct in policies detrimental to the America Way.

9) America can no longer let its borders remain open, as drugs and illegal labor cross in to destabilize the economy and productivity.

10) America can no longer afford in trade deals that only benefits another country.

11) America can no longer accept entry into the country without reasonable vetting or legit reasoning to be allowed in.

12) America can not be safe as long as Islamic groups are using our laws to infiltrate and remain in the shadows, preaching hate of America, become fronts for Islamic money laundering, and communities for Islamic anti-America activity.

13) America can not remain safe as long as criminals are released back into the streets, plea-bargaining is used, judges don’t reprimand equally for the crime committed, and individuals use money, status, or influence for a “get-out-of-jail-free” card.

14) America can afford lowering taxes, removing burdensome regulations, and softening paperwork to get business and industry open once again.

15) America can no longer make or keep treaties where America gets treated badly.

The war that President Trump declared is not on our freedoms, liberties, or natural rights. It is against the things that have been created, instituted from past governance, that have removed our freedoms, liberties, and natural rights. America has lived so long under oppression and tyranny that it no longer remembers how to live any differently. The fears expressed by the anti-Trumpers are fantasy and delusional.

As the pro-Trump supporters proclaim, President Trump will just have to prove his abilities to lead, to govern, and to make the necessary changes that will make America greater. We can argue until the cows come home, but for a man who made billions from virtually nothing but his mind, his will, his positive attributes, and his skills for negotiating, America must place some blind trust in that President Trump has assembled a crack team of experts to lead this nation into a new horizon of prosperity.

The Trump War is not on America itself, but on those who take America down, who won’t place the nation first, and who work to subvert the country’s abilities to be the world leader in: industry, health care, military, business, economics, space and science, and academics, so that everyone here, or who is allowed in, will benefit to the best of their ability for the greatness of America, first.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda